Friday, August 31, 2012

The Vampire and the Virgin (Love At Stake #8) -Kerrelyn Sparks

  How does one author come up with so many fantastic books?? Kerrelyn Sparks is now officially one of my favorite authors.  Seriously how does one author come up with so many great idea's?  She's done it again.  The Love At Stake series can't get any better than this. 
  I have just finished reading the eighth book of the awesome Love At Stake series and once again I find myself in shock of yet another vampire love story and wanting to know who the next story will be about.  The Virgin and the Vampire is just wonderful.  Perfect for sitting outside reading while drinking coffee or just lying in bed the whole day reading.

  In this book of the Love At Stake series, Robby MacKay is ordered to take a few months and to "vacation" since after his capture, all he can think about is killing and revenge.  What he didn't expect was to finally meet the love of his life. 
  Olivia is a psychologist working for the FBI helping them by using her gift as a human lie detector and reading people's emotions.  Since her boss ordered her to take a vacation for a few weeks to calm down from her stressful work she decides vacationing on the Greek Island of Patmos is just what she needs.  Having her grandmother trying to marry her off was not what she had in mind.  While staying up late one day, she spots a man jogging and is totally smitten.  Sexy, strong, and totally hypnotizing.  She wants him, and he wants her. 
  Robby didn't know what to think.  After seeing what he thought was an angel looking at him, he's determined to find out who the woman is.  And maybe talk to her.  When he finally gets to sit and talk with her he knows he's a goner.  Olivia is everything he needs and wants.  One thing's for sure- he'll do anything to protect her. 
   Olivia was surprised that Robby was able to handle that she has an extra ability.  She knows he's the one and she doesn't want to leave him.  But when her crazy stalker from jail let's her know that he's found her and she can't hide from him, Olivia packs her bags and leaves the island, leaving Robby behind.
   What I love, is that Robby didn't give up.  He sent her letters even when she didn't answer him.  He wasn't going to lose her without trying to get her back.  When Olivia shows that she's still interested in him Robby jumps at the chance to show her how much her loves her.  Will Olivia still love him enough to accept him as a vampire? She gave up her virginity to him.  She trusts him.  After seeing and talk to each other for months, shouldn't they know all about each other and not have any secrets? Read to find out what happens next!! Really great book and reallllly great author.  I still say that the seventh book of the series, Forbidden Nights With A Vampire is still my favorite, but the rest of the books are all so good that I can't pick which is my second favorite! Yes, they're that good!  Make sure you get the next book of the series Eat Prey Love, the story of Carlos (the were- panther) and Caitlyn (Shanna's sister- YUP!!).  The series keeps getting better and better! Can't wait to read the next book!  YAY!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fool For Love - Marie Force

The McCarthy's of Gansett Island Book 2 - Fool For Love

  Fool For Love is the second book of the McCarhy's of Gansett Island series.  I read the first book of the series Maid For Love a while ago and I had wanted to read the second right away, but one of my friends said they would get me the book as a present and now finally, I have it and I read it. 
  The truth is I'm disappointed.  This book is nothing like the first.  I LOVED the first book. I couldn't get it out of my head.  This book isn't like the first one.  At all.  Maid For Love was sweet and funny and really addictive that I couldn't put it down.  It had some scenes that were hot and I liked it.  But this book was... I don't know how to exactly describe it.  I had it in my head that I had to read this book because the first book was a 5/5 for me and now...
   I did like some parts of the story.  Some were funny but I kind of got bored with it.  Maid For Love was much better.  I would give this book mmmm maybe 3/5.  Or 2.5/5?  No I'll give it 2.5, 5 being *AWESOME* and 1 being * NOT WORTH READING*.  It had a story really that's all that I liked.  That's probably it. Oh and Mac and Maddie's scened too. Those scenes reminded me of the first book. Nothing really drastic happened in this book other than in the beginning and some parts just weren't what I wanted.  I hope the other books in the series are better.  Maid For Love is on my Favorite Books shelf and I mighttt post my thoughts on it later but just so everyone knows, the first book is definitely one you'll be telling all your friends about.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forbidden Nights With a Vampire (Love at Stake #7) -Kerrelyn Sparks

  Awww! This story was so sweet! Well not only sweet because damn some parts were so hott!! Forbidden Nights With A Vampire is the seventh book of the Love At Stake series and it was just INCREDIBLE!! I think that so far this might be my favorite in the series.  Wait Jean-Luc and Heather's story was also good.  And Angus' and Emmas's story. And Roman and Shanna's. AGH they're all just too good that I can't even pick which one is best! Love At Stake #7 is the story of Vanda (the club owner and close friend of Ian's) and Phil the werewolf shape shifter.  Okay now I finally decided which book is my favorite book of the series and it's this one. FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH A VAMPIRE!!!!! Yess! The title says it all!
   In the seventh book of the series, the book starts with Vanda called in to report to their Coven Meeting to deal with her lawsuits.  When all the charges were dropped against her but Roman her Coven Master declared that she has to take anger management class and Vanda is infuriated.  She's forced to agree but then there's a problem.  She needs a sponsor.  And the one that volunteered is the last person on earth Vanda would have wanted to be tied up with.  Phil. 
  Phil wants Vanda.  He's wanted her for over eight years.  When Phil was given a job to work for the vamps and guard the harem, Vanda would always give him some of her "harmless flirtation".  But it wasn't harmless.  At least not to Phil it wasn't.  For years he had wanted Vanda and put away his desires to obey the rules of not getting involved with the person he's guarding.  But this time no one's stopping him.  Phil hasn't seen Vanda for three years.  And now that he's her sponsor, shes forbidden twice.  And he's more determined then ever to have her.  The problem is, she doesn't want to open up to him.
  Vanda's had decades to learn to put off her emotions.  But Phil brings it all back.  Everyone that she ever loved died.  Her parents, her brothers, and her sisters.  One of her sisters is the one that transformed Vanda and left the other to die so now they're both dead to Vanda.  Her lover had died trying to protect her.  She doesn't want more pain.  She doesn't want more deaths.  If Phil is mortal won't that cause more pain when he eventually dies? And what if her past come back to haunt her worse than before.  Can she love him without getting either of them hurt? 

   This is one of the best books I've read in a while.  My favorite in the series so far.  Vampire books have been all out for the past few years and this book makes me glad that I have a crazyness for vampire books.  Hot, sweet, impeccable, and infuriating all at once. This is now on my shelf for Number 1 Reads of the year. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Night Huntress Series- Jeaniene Frost

  You all know how crazy I am about vampires.  One of my friends recommended another series about vamps and of course I was like YAY!  I'm currently reading Kerrelyn Sparks seventh book in the Love at Stake series Forbidden Nights With a Vampire, and I decided that the Love at Stake Series is now one of my favorite vamp series along with the J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  And what is this new series (well, new to me) about vamps that was highly recommended?  The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost.                                                                                                      
    I looked up the series and I can say it actually sounds reallly good.  Here's what I know about it so far:
Cat is a half human/half vampire which is extremely rare.  She hates vampires and kills with vengeance while looking for her father ( a vampire) who ruined her mother's life (human).  *This already sounds good* Until she meets Bones who happens to be a vampire and learns a few things here and there about the undead. Hmmm.... vampire wars and secret government agencies. Now this I want to read.  Oh yeah it gets better.  Jealousy from both main characters does make the story better doesn't it? Well I'm going to try and get these books so I can read them ASAP!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Love At Stake 3 + 4

YAY! I finished the third and fourth books of the Love at Stake series.  Who knew a five hundred year old vampire wearing a kilt could be so damned sexy??  And a famous vampire fashion designer falls in love with an ordinary mortal? I loved both the books for a few different reasons but they're both equally awesome.  I don't really feel like writing alot right now because I reallllly want to get back to the fifth book of the series.  So this is going to be kinda short.

Be Still My Vampire Heart is about Angus (you know the one whose in charge of the vampire security and all that?) and a mortal vampire slayer.  And how does their relationship grow? Emma, a member of the Stake-Out team is hunting vampires in Central Park and Angus and a few others go there to stop her.  Of course they have to convince her that they're the good guys and that not all vampires are evil but it takes time with Emma.  Angus makes it his job to convince her that they're good.  And god what a job he did. Like I said before, who knew a guy wearing a kilt could be so damned sexy? I wouldn't have been able to resist him.   I loved the love scenes on here.  They seriously made me squeal.  LOL I know right?  But those scenes were so good that I want to read it again.  AGH so much love!! But don't worry, you'll love it too!  Favorite scenes:  Bathroom scene when Emma was supposed to take a bath and relax and Angus invaded her mind.  *melted* sigh.  Also the part where Sean and his team were supposed to go inside Roman's home and surprise, Angus grabs Emma and takes her away.  What happened after that was just aahh soo good.  I loved it.

AGH I had said it was going to be short but I got carried away.  Now about The Undead Next Door.
This is about the famous french fashion designer that happens to be a vampire, Jean- Luc.   He was supposed to go into hiding in Texas since the mortal world is wondering why he never ages.  In Texas, he was supposed to have one show then supposedly leaves for Paris but actually go into hiding.  When his long time enemy approaches him when Jean-Luc happens to be talking with a mortal,  his enemy mistakes her for his lover.  Well of course they did end up becoming lovers later but Jean-Luc promised that he would protect Heather and her daughter.  When he realizes he wants to spend the rest of forever with Heather and her child, Jean-Luc decides he must defeat his enemy once and for all.  But Heather has yet to find out he's not exactly human.  When she finds out, will she except him for who he is or will she leave him and never look back?  This book was sooo sweet and I just loved it.  The thing I like about these books is that in one book you see them one way and then in another book you see them in an entirely different view.  For example, in the first book of the series How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire, I saw Angus as mean and not really caring.  In the third book I just wanted to sink my teeth in him.  Wow right?  Same for Jean- Luc.  So sweet and charming and god so sexy.  Aah! Kerrelyn Sparks sure knows how to make us fall in love with her men.
 And now my friends I have to get back to All I want for Christmas is a Vampire (Love at Stake 5).  If you haven't already read or gotten these books,I hope you get them soon.  You'll be missing out!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book/Author's Updates!

  Well I thought everyone would like to know some updates about some authors and books I really like. I found out the Jennifer Armentrout is having a book signing! Yup.  But sadly, I won't be able to make it.  And she's going to be with another of my favorite author's, Wendy Higgins author of Sweet Evil.  If only I could be there! Just thought to let you all know.  Here's a link to get more info about the book signing:

  Also, Abbi Glines author of the Existance Series and "Because of Low" is working hard on Ceasless the last book I think of the Existance series which will be coming out September 18, 2012.  Less than a month away! If you've read Because of Low you should also know that Abbi Glines is working on another book that will be about Preston, the so called player and Marcus' best friend and we'll get to know more about the real him.
You can also read the first chapter of While It Lasts on Abbi Glines blog or website so be sure to check that out.

That's all for now folks!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love At Stake 2- Vamps and the City

  Vamps and the Cty is the second book of the Love At Stake series. I already wrote my thoughts on the first book earlier this month and now here's what I think of the second one.

  The second book was just as good as the first.  Darcy is a vampire and Austin is a vampire slayer.  Since becoming a vampire 4 and half years ago, Darcy can finally get out in the real world or "Vamp World".  She doesn't want to be a vampire.  She hates it.  She tries to act as human as possible. She applies for a job since she was a journalist when she was human and the only problem is, is that if she wants to do something with television it has to be behind camera. So she becomes a director.  Austin is a CIA agent.  One that's part of the vampire slaying team called the Stake Out Team.  When his boss finds out that a vampire will be auditioning human men to be part of a reality show for vampires, the Stake Out team sends Austin and another one of their men in acting like regular mortals who don't know a thing about vampires.  When Austin sees who the director is he freaks.  It's the same women who he's been "kinda"... stalking?  He doesn't know if shes human or vampire.  If she's human, why is she hanging out with vamps?  Austin makes it his mission to find out and to earn her trust.  Darcy can't help her reaction to Austin or "Adam" (his stage name) but she doesn't want to endanger him from herself.  Once Adam finds out that she's actually a vampire he doesn't know what to do.  He falls in love with a vampire who he's supposed to kill?  It doesn't help matters when Darcy finds out he's been working for the CIA.  The agree that Austin will get himself eliminated from the show and then they can go their own ways.  But when Austin wants to fight for Darcy all hell breaks loose.  Can Darcy be with him when she knows she can lose control and possibly bite him? Or worse?

  Loved it and I already got all the books for the series.  I figured if the first and second book were this good the others have got to be better :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Touch by Jus Accardo

                Touch by Jus Accardo

Okay. Let me just say that this book was different than other books I've read.  In a good way of course.  This book was like a total adrenaline rush from the very beginning.  YAY! I loved how the romance was written in this book and the whole story was just beautiful.  Oh but don't think this story was just romance because this was wayyyy more.  From finding a runaway boy, to finding out your dad's a killer and everything he said has been a lie, to running away while bad guys chase you.  The whole story just left me wanting more and I was almost jumping up and down the entire time.  Like I said before... ADRENALINE RUSH!

Dez (Deznee) was going home from a party one night racing to get there before her dad finds her missing when she finds a guy around her age acting strange.  He runs when he hears someone coming and hides behind the bushes.  A few guys show up wearing all black and have every inch of their skin covered.  Once they leave, Dez decides to take Kale home to help him and to piss off her dad.  But what she didn't expect was to find out was that her dad knew Kale and Kale knew her dad.  When Dez's dad pulls out a gun, Dez doesn't think.  She grabs for Kale and runs.  Turns out Kale was a prisoner at some corporation called Denazen.  And he knew her mom.  A mom that was supposed to be dead.  That's what Dez's dad had said.  So she's a captive too?  Yupp. Dez's dad put her in there.  Now Dez learns as much as she could about Denazen while on the run with Kale.  She also learns that she is immune to Kale's deadly touch.  She wants to find her mom and help her get out of their.  That takes them on a whole new mission that's dangerous and could get them killed. 

  I had no favorite parts in this book.  They were all good and equally exciting.  I read a little about the second book and I freaked.  I thought this book couldn't get any better and then I find out that in the second book, Dez ends up losing her power to touch Kale.  This is gonna be good!! Oh and don't forget to read Untouched book 1.5 of the series.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Release- Today!!

  Who remembers what book comes out today?  Mmmm let me guess. A book by Jennifer Armentout? The second book of the Obsidian series? Am I correct? Yes, yes, and yes!!  The second book of the awesome series Obsidian is coming out today!  I loved the first one and I can't wait till I get my hands on the next one.  Daemon!! YAY! I finally get to read more about Daemon!  And since I read some pretty hot scenes from it already I can't wait to read the full book.  Like the chocolate chip cookie scene? OMG!!!!!! It made me feel like eating him not the cookie!  I want more! Here are words to describe what I'm feeling about this book right now: YAY! OMG! AWESOME! DELICIOUS! UNBELIEVABLE! EAT-WORTHY :) LOL
Don't forget to buy the book!  Daemon I'm on my way!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pure or Half???

   I just finished reading Pure the second book of the covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout.  I had written about the first book here before.  So. Am I team half blood or team pure? Team Seth or Team Aiden?  I DON'T KNOW!!!  God help me I don't know which one I'd choose.  Aiden- Pure, Smart, STRONG (must have it capitalized to show how much), Sexy (hott would be too much of an insult), serious, respected, and god sooooo lovable.  Or should I be Seth- Half- blood, also respected because well duhh he's the Apollyen, HOTT and GORGEOUS (Aiden is sexy but Seth is sexy in his own way), also strong, goofy and funny, easy going and lovable .  God I also want him so bad.  I don't know which one.  I can't wait till Diety comes out.  How the hell is Alex supposed to choose between Seth and Aiden???  Well Jennifer Armenmtrout is gonna have a hard time picking which one. I love the covenant series and you won't regret reading these believe me.


How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire

"I have not come to harm you. His voice was low, almost hypnotic.
That was it. He lured his victims into a trance with his golden eyes and honeyed tone. Shanna shook her head. She could fight this. She would not give in.
He frowned. "You are being difficult."
"You better believe it." She fumbled in her purse and whipped out her .32 caliber Beretta Tomcat. "Surprise, sucker."
No shock or fear registered on his rugged face, only a slight hint of irritation. "Madam, the weapon is unnecessary." He took a step toward her. "Drop the gun, please."
"No!" She gave him her best and meanest glare. "I'll shoot. I'll kill you."
"Easier said than done." He took another step toward her. "I will not harm you. I need your help."
She gasped. "You… you're bleeding."
"Can you help me?"
Oh, god, he was gorgeous. Just her luck that the perfect man would waltz into her life two minutes before her death…"

  LOVED IT!  I mean right when I read that I knew it was going to be a good book.  I actually screamed. Yupp.  I know a good book when I read one.  This had me in from the beginning.  Seriously did you read that paragraph?? You know its going to be interesting and I got sucked in right away.  This book is the first book in the Love at stake series.  It's hilarious.  Like super, super, super funny.  Sarcastic comments always make me laugh and she's talking with a vampire? Awesome!

  Shanna is smart, strong, intelligent, and super funny.  She's a dentist and that's how the vampire, Roman, found her.  Shanna was under witness protection after seeing her friend and alot of other people murdered in a restaurant.  She testifies against the murders and now she's on the run.  Mafia guys are hard to escape don't you think? When Roman accidentally gets his fang pulled out, he has no  choice but to go to regular mortal dentist.  He was planning to compell her to get the job done and then forget anything ever happened.  When he shows up at her office he doesn't know why the compulsion won't work with her.  And the doctor is acting crazy saying she needs to get out before they come for her.  Roman had no idea what she meant.  The last thing she said before she fell was for Roman to save himself even though she didn't even know him.  When the guys break in and enter the office Roman is surprised to see their mafia and before he knows it, he's carrying Shanna out  the door and gets her to safety.  When Roman sees one of his vampire enemies with the mafia, Roman knows Shanna wouldn't stand a chance against a vampire and takes her to his home.  Their he lets everyone know that Shanna is a mortal and they all have to tone down their vampire thing.  Roman feels something for Shanna.  Something he hasn't felt in a long time.  A small relationship develops between them but later Shanna decides to leave the safety house and go on her own.  When she almost gets killed she ends up back a Roman's place but their was an annual ball gathering their.  And who are they for? Vampires.  Shanna doesn't know what to do.  Leave Roman's vampire place and his safety  or head back to running away from the Russian mafia whose hired assassin happens to be a vampire.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love in Numbers- Sarah MacLean

This won my heart from the beginning.  Eleven Scandals To Win A Duke's Heart is the third book in the Love In Numbers Series.  I didn't know that when I bought this book but after I read this one, I went and got the other two.  I loved this book!! I finished reading it and then started reading it again because that's how much I loved it. I loved Simon and I loved Juliana.  They're both incredible characters and strong headed and just simply perfect for this story.  I also just finished the first book of the series about Juliana's older brother Ralston and how he met his match.  I din't read the second book yet but I can't wait!!  These were both lovely books and I don't know how to choose which one is better.  But I think maybe it's the third book.  The Duke and Juliana.

About Book #3
  Juliana is strong headed and isn't afraid to do what she wants.  With a reputation like hers (which is her mothers fault) she already knows that no matter what, people will talk.  Simon is the Duke of Leighton.  He cannot and will not risk his reputation by being with Juliana for any reason.  When one day Juliana tries to escape from a drunken man she ends up landing in the Duke's carriage.  This of course does not go well with either of them since both feel attraction for each other though they both deny it.  Juliana is considered a scandal and she knows she won't ever have a place in the duke's heart, especially since he is to be married to one of London's well known and rich, Lady Penlope.  Juliana strikes a deal with the Duke of Leighton that gives her two weeks to show him why passion is important and if it's enough.  She falls in love with him and she knows it'd be impossible to be with the Duke.  They can't fight the attraction for each other but will love be enough? Juliana later leaves London when the duke declares his engagement to Lady Penelope after proposing to her.  She stays by her other brother Nicholas St. John and his wife at their home to find...wait for it...the Duke! But not exactly for Juliana, since he came for his sister that was staying with St. John.  Then bonfire night happens, and the Duke can;t fight it any longer...except Juliana does. 

About Book #1

Callie has always been plain.  And at 28 she is sick of being the same.  Her younger sister Mariana is engaged to a Duke and she is still unmarried.  All those years of following directions and getting no good out of it, she makes a list of 9 things she'd do as an adventure to discover her true self.  Firing a pistol, being kissed, fencing, as well as drinking scotch.  She ends up finding herself in front of the Ralston house.  Ralston did not expect to find Lady Calpurnia in his bedchamber.  And he certainly did not expect her to asked to be kissed.  In exchange for the kiss, Callie has to help his sister find her way into society and Callie has to help teach her the do's and don'ts in this particular area.  Callie starts to complete the rest of her list to find Ralston at almost each one of them by chance.  He helps her and an attraction between the two of them grows.  Callie loves Ralston.  She's loved him for a decade but she won't marry  Ralston in case he ends up regretting it.  She feels he offered to marry her as an obligation and duty for his actions and she declines.  Ralston doesn't know why but he wants to marry Callie.  He did offer the first time as obligation but he wants Callie.  He knows he has to convince Callie that he wants her and wants to marry her.  But he doesn't expect this new emotion he feels for her and knows what he has to do.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Strangers- Barbare Elsborg

  To be honest I actually liked this book.  It was kind of sad in the beginning- I mean seriously two complete strangers meet while trying to commit suicide. What are the odds of that? They end up falling in love with each other -famous guy and a waitress, and each have their own problems. Believe me some will shock you and its like the two people with the worst problems end up falling in love with each other. Weird but I loved the story and how the author described the characters.  The ending was soo sweet that I was smiling to myself for about an hour after I finished the book.

  Kate Snow has enough problems in life that one more problem and she felt like it was too much.  She wanted to commit suicide and that probably what would have happened if she hadn't literally bumped in to Charlie Storm.  Charlie had had enough of things going the way they were and didn't care anymore until he met Kate.  He ruins everything he touches.  But he wants and needs Kate and he won't want to give her up for anything.  She understands him and helps him through things he wouldn't have gotten through on his own.  Problems in the real word threaten to split them apart and it's only safe when their alone.  They're both damaged but they have to stick together.  But with Charlie being famous somethings bound to happen right?


Black Dagger Brotherhood

  Okay sorry I've been out for the past couple of days!! Busy!! Anyway I just bought the 6th book of the Black Dagger Brother Brotherhood.  Hmmm... what's the series about? Vampires!!!!!  And of course there's romance! YAY!! This series is not quite like other vampire books.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood are like the main group of vampires that help and protect their race . Each one of them have a whole set of problems with "females" and other dangers, secrets, and fear. You know how in other books the vampires' enemies are sometimes were wolfs? Well not in this series!! Here the enemies are souless Lessers who look like humans but have pale skin and pale or blue eyes.  The Lesseres have been capturing vampires and killing them in the last few books.  I was addicted to reading when I read the other five books and of course I couldn't put them down.  Exotic and dangerously addictive is what I'd call this series. So have I convinced you to buy the books yet? Well then go and get it!! Good luck trying to put the book down :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012



Don't forget! Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer Armentrout is coming out on August 14, 2012!  Nine days time and the book will be out.  Get ready to go and buy one. I can't wait!!!!

Check out my Book Releases page to see which books that I can't wait for to come out this year!

Check out Jennifer Armentrout's website to get more details and information about the book

Chasing Nikki - Lacey Weatherford

  NOOOOOOO!! How could there be so many deaths in one book?? I'm not going to say too much because then it will reveal some BIG and MAJOR spoilers but I couldn't believe the ending.  The ending was one of my favorite and worst parts in the book. Actually let's say worst because of how much I cried.  And I'm still crying even now as I write this.  After finishing the book make sure to read the author's note.  You get an understanding of why she wrote the book that way at the end.  But honestly I never expected this much from a book. 5/5 is what I'd rate it, 5 being the best.  I thought it was going to be just a bad boy, good girl type of book but it turned out to be sooo much more.  I was waiting for a miracle to happen at the end but sadly... It was still a great book though.  And there is another book Finding Chase coming out in December. I can't wait.
Right now I don't even know what exactly to write about the book.  It's just too much.  Loved the book and romance and it was a really good ending even with all my crying.  Lacey Weatherford sure knows how to write a book.  I haven't read much books with all this excitement and hope for more. Loved, loved, LOVED it!!!

One of my favorite lines from the story,
"Everyone thought I was a trouble maker, the bad boy, the punk.  I wasn't.  I was just broken".--Chase

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Almost by Anne Eliot

 Awwww! I read and loved this book! I felt so overwhelmed in some parts and just loved every minute of it!  I love how the author portrayed the main characters.  I felt what they felt and it was like as if it was real and I was there.  This story was also sad in a way.  One of the main characters thought she was a mental case and it's not true.  How she felt about herself was upsetting but that's what makes a good story worth reading.  I liked it and I'm happy I got a chance to read it.  Very...smashing? Hmmm... how should I put it? I can't seem to find a perfect word for it but worth every minute of my time.

  Jess Jordan was almost raped at a party she had snuck out to freshman year.  She can't remember exactly what happened but has all these terrible nightmares as a reminder.  Now she is going to start her senior year and she has to convince her parents that she's "normal" enough to go to college and do things on her own.  She gets a internship job and strikes a deal with Gray Porter to be her "fake boyfriend".  He gets paid and she gets what she wants. 
  Gray Porter wants to protect and help Jess.  He agrees to the deal but he feels guilty. Not only about the deal, but for other reasons.  His reasons have to do with Jess. What exactly happened at the party freshman year?  Why did Gray quit the hockey team and why can't he go anywhere near Jordan? Gray signs on to the deal for other reasons.  Reasons that might hurt Jess if she finds out.  Will Gray break his promise to Jess's parents and tell her the truth?   Read and find out! :) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I can't sit still. Not while reading The Boy Who...

  The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by
                          Kristy Moseley

Loved it! I loved, loved, lovvvved this book!  The cover... 100/10!!!! It's so sweet and it captures your eye automatically.  At first the cover made me think the story would have some begging the other for forgiveness for some reason.  I don't know why.  But I loved this book!  Sweet, sweet, sweet! That is the word I would use to describe this story.  I know I had to write it three times to emphasize my point but that happens when I'm crazy about something. :D

  LIAM!! Sweet adorable Liam! I mean so sweet and so caring I couldn't help but be jealous. I am not kidding!!
Liam has been in love with Amber "Angel" since he was 6.  Well around that time anyway.  Jake, Amber's brother refuses to allow Liam date Amber even with the way that he feels about her.  When Amber was 8, Liam climbed in through her bedroom window to comfort her after her dad beat her. I had to close my eyes because of how the beatings were described BUT I assure you they were only mentioned once or twice as memories so you'll enjoy the rest of the book. Liam, her brother, and her mother, are the only ones Amber lets touch her, with others she freaks out.  Ever since then, Liam is the only one who can calm her down and 8 years later he still sleeps in her bed.  Her dad left when she was 13 and the only way to keep her nightmares away is to be with Liam.  When one night after a party they kiss, everything changes.  Amber and Liam had to keep their relationship hidden so Jake, her brother doesn't find out, since he is overly protective.  What happens then is quite a surprise.  A lot of things happen at once and its almost overwhelming.  And at the same time, very exciting.  I found myself laughing out loud at least three times every 10 minutes.'s sweet and funny.  I'm not going to ruin the story so I'm not giving out and spoilers. You'll just have to read the book yourself.  The ending was so sweet and romantic that I actually got so jealous and frustrated that I was jumping in my seat.  Again, not kidding. 

Fifty Shades

     Fifty Shades of Gray by E.L. James
  Okay so this isn't the regular type of book I usually read.  I enjoyed some parts and others I wasn't really into.  The only parts that I really enjoyed was when Christian and Ana went gliding and the end of the story when Ana decided to *SPOILER* I can't exactly say.  The end of the book has been on my mind for a day now.  This book is in the erotic section and not what I'm into but the ending leaves me wanting to find out what happens next.  I already have the other books and since the ending leaves you wanting more, I already know I'm probably going to read the next book.
*If the reader is against hitting and violence I suggest not reading the book.  I even had to skip a few paragraphs because it was too much for me.*