Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sexiest Vampire Alive (Love At Stake #11) - Kerrelyn Sparks

This is the 11th book in the Love At Stake Series!!!You'd never believe how many great ideas come from one author.  In this book, Gregori is now the vampire that all vamps around the world are depending on.  A video that shows vampires exist is released and all the vampire are worried that the mortals will kill them.  Gregori has a big mission to accomplish.  To meet with the president of the United States and convince him and a few others that these vampires mean no harm.  It all sounds interesting and difficult to do, right?  Then something else happens.  Gregori meets Abigail, the presidents daughter.  These two are perfect for each other.  I really loved how they were each their own person and I was so happy that they fell for each other.  Abigail has to go on a mission of her own.  A trip to China to get some special plants to heal her dying mother.  The only way to go on this mission is to go with vampires who will protect her and telport her easily from one place to another.  The president agrees that if Gregori helps Abigail and keeps her safe, the vamps and U.S. will have an agreement with each other.  If anything happens to Abby, if she's harmed or hurt in anyway, the allegiance is off.  So now Gregori has to make sure the President's daughters are safe, happy, and if all goes well, the vampire world will be kept a secret.  Oooh sounds good, right?  I loved the romance in this one.  Imagine- President's eldest daughter in love with a vampire?  This book is fantastic. It's already on my book shelf of "Favorites" and is one of the best in the series.  The romance was the best part in this book and I just adored both Gregori and Abigail. <3<3<3

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