Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forbidden Nights With a Vampire (Love at Stake #7) -Kerrelyn Sparks

  Awww! This story was so sweet! Well not only sweet because damn some parts were so hott!! Forbidden Nights With A Vampire is the seventh book of the Love At Stake series and it was just INCREDIBLE!! I think that so far this might be my favorite in the series.  Wait Jean-Luc and Heather's story was also good.  And Angus' and Emmas's story. And Roman and Shanna's. AGH they're all just too good that I can't even pick which one is best! Love At Stake #7 is the story of Vanda (the club owner and close friend of Ian's) and Phil the werewolf shape shifter.  Okay now I finally decided which book is my favorite book of the series and it's this one. FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH A VAMPIRE!!!!! Yess! The title says it all!
   In the seventh book of the series, the book starts with Vanda called in to report to their Coven Meeting to deal with her lawsuits.  When all the charges were dropped against her but Roman her Coven Master declared that she has to take anger management class and Vanda is infuriated.  She's forced to agree but then there's a problem.  She needs a sponsor.  And the one that volunteered is the last person on earth Vanda would have wanted to be tied up with.  Phil. 
  Phil wants Vanda.  He's wanted her for over eight years.  When Phil was given a job to work for the vamps and guard the harem, Vanda would always give him some of her "harmless flirtation".  But it wasn't harmless.  At least not to Phil it wasn't.  For years he had wanted Vanda and put away his desires to obey the rules of not getting involved with the person he's guarding.  But this time no one's stopping him.  Phil hasn't seen Vanda for three years.  And now that he's her sponsor, shes forbidden twice.  And he's more determined then ever to have her.  The problem is, she doesn't want to open up to him.
  Vanda's had decades to learn to put off her emotions.  But Phil brings it all back.  Everyone that she ever loved died.  Her parents, her brothers, and her sisters.  One of her sisters is the one that transformed Vanda and left the other to die so now they're both dead to Vanda.  Her lover had died trying to protect her.  She doesn't want more pain.  She doesn't want more deaths.  If Phil is mortal won't that cause more pain when he eventually dies? And what if her past come back to haunt her worse than before.  Can she love him without getting either of them hurt? 

   This is one of the best books I've read in a while.  My favorite in the series so far.  Vampire books have been all out for the past few years and this book makes me glad that I have a crazyness for vampire books.  Hot, sweet, impeccable, and infuriating all at once. This is now on my shelf for Number 1 Reads of the year. 

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