Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love At Stake 2- Vamps and the City

  Vamps and the Cty is the second book of the Love At Stake series. I already wrote my thoughts on the first book earlier this month and now here's what I think of the second one.

  The second book was just as good as the first.  Darcy is a vampire and Austin is a vampire slayer.  Since becoming a vampire 4 and half years ago, Darcy can finally get out in the real world or "Vamp World".  She doesn't want to be a vampire.  She hates it.  She tries to act as human as possible. She applies for a job since she was a journalist when she was human and the only problem is, is that if she wants to do something with television it has to be behind camera. So she becomes a director.  Austin is a CIA agent.  One that's part of the vampire slaying team called the Stake Out Team.  When his boss finds out that a vampire will be auditioning human men to be part of a reality show for vampires, the Stake Out team sends Austin and another one of their men in acting like regular mortals who don't know a thing about vampires.  When Austin sees who the director is he freaks.  It's the same women who he's been "kinda"... stalking?  He doesn't know if shes human or vampire.  If she's human, why is she hanging out with vamps?  Austin makes it his mission to find out and to earn her trust.  Darcy can't help her reaction to Austin or "Adam" (his stage name) but she doesn't want to endanger him from herself.  Once Adam finds out that she's actually a vampire he doesn't know what to do.  He falls in love with a vampire who he's supposed to kill?  It doesn't help matters when Darcy finds out he's been working for the CIA.  The agree that Austin will get himself eliminated from the show and then they can go their own ways.  But when Austin wants to fight for Darcy all hell breaks loose.  Can Darcy be with him when she knows she can lose control and possibly bite him? Or worse?

  Loved it and I already got all the books for the series.  I figured if the first and second book were this good the others have got to be better :)

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