Friday, August 31, 2012

The Vampire and the Virgin (Love At Stake #8) -Kerrelyn Sparks

  How does one author come up with so many fantastic books?? Kerrelyn Sparks is now officially one of my favorite authors.  Seriously how does one author come up with so many great idea's?  She's done it again.  The Love At Stake series can't get any better than this. 
  I have just finished reading the eighth book of the awesome Love At Stake series and once again I find myself in shock of yet another vampire love story and wanting to know who the next story will be about.  The Virgin and the Vampire is just wonderful.  Perfect for sitting outside reading while drinking coffee or just lying in bed the whole day reading.

  In this book of the Love At Stake series, Robby MacKay is ordered to take a few months and to "vacation" since after his capture, all he can think about is killing and revenge.  What he didn't expect was to finally meet the love of his life. 
  Olivia is a psychologist working for the FBI helping them by using her gift as a human lie detector and reading people's emotions.  Since her boss ordered her to take a vacation for a few weeks to calm down from her stressful work she decides vacationing on the Greek Island of Patmos is just what she needs.  Having her grandmother trying to marry her off was not what she had in mind.  While staying up late one day, she spots a man jogging and is totally smitten.  Sexy, strong, and totally hypnotizing.  She wants him, and he wants her. 
  Robby didn't know what to think.  After seeing what he thought was an angel looking at him, he's determined to find out who the woman is.  And maybe talk to her.  When he finally gets to sit and talk with her he knows he's a goner.  Olivia is everything he needs and wants.  One thing's for sure- he'll do anything to protect her. 
   Olivia was surprised that Robby was able to handle that she has an extra ability.  She knows he's the one and she doesn't want to leave him.  But when her crazy stalker from jail let's her know that he's found her and she can't hide from him, Olivia packs her bags and leaves the island, leaving Robby behind.
   What I love, is that Robby didn't give up.  He sent her letters even when she didn't answer him.  He wasn't going to lose her without trying to get her back.  When Olivia shows that she's still interested in him Robby jumps at the chance to show her how much her loves her.  Will Olivia still love him enough to accept him as a vampire? She gave up her virginity to him.  She trusts him.  After seeing and talk to each other for months, shouldn't they know all about each other and not have any secrets? Read to find out what happens next!! Really great book and reallllly great author.  I still say that the seventh book of the series, Forbidden Nights With A Vampire is still my favorite, but the rest of the books are all so good that I can't pick which is my second favorite! Yes, they're that good!  Make sure you get the next book of the series Eat Prey Love, the story of Carlos (the were- panther) and Caitlyn (Shanna's sister- YUP!!).  The series keeps getting better and better! Can't wait to read the next book!  YAY!!!!!

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