Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book/Author's Updates!

  Well I thought everyone would like to know some updates about some authors and books I really like. I found out the Jennifer Armentrout is having a book signing! Yup.  But sadly, I won't be able to make it.  And she's going to be with another of my favorite author's, Wendy Higgins author of Sweet Evil.  If only I could be there! Just thought to let you all know.  Here's a link to get more info about the book signing:

  Also, Abbi Glines author of the Existance Series and "Because of Low" is working hard on Ceasless the last book I think of the Existance series which will be coming out September 18, 2012.  Less than a month away! If you've read Because of Low you should also know that Abbi Glines is working on another book that will be about Preston, the so called player and Marcus' best friend and we'll get to know more about the real him.
You can also read the first chapter of While It Lasts on Abbi Glines blog or website so be sure to check that out.

That's all for now folks!

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