Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love in Numbers- Sarah MacLean

This won my heart from the beginning.  Eleven Scandals To Win A Duke's Heart is the third book in the Love In Numbers Series.  I didn't know that when I bought this book but after I read this one, I went and got the other two.  I loved this book!! I finished reading it and then started reading it again because that's how much I loved it. I loved Simon and I loved Juliana.  They're both incredible characters and strong headed and just simply perfect for this story.  I also just finished the first book of the series about Juliana's older brother Ralston and how he met his match.  I din't read the second book yet but I can't wait!!  These were both lovely books and I don't know how to choose which one is better.  But I think maybe it's the third book.  The Duke and Juliana.

About Book #3
  Juliana is strong headed and isn't afraid to do what she wants.  With a reputation like hers (which is her mothers fault) she already knows that no matter what, people will talk.  Simon is the Duke of Leighton.  He cannot and will not risk his reputation by being with Juliana for any reason.  When one day Juliana tries to escape from a drunken man she ends up landing in the Duke's carriage.  This of course does not go well with either of them since both feel attraction for each other though they both deny it.  Juliana is considered a scandal and she knows she won't ever have a place in the duke's heart, especially since he is to be married to one of London's well known and rich, Lady Penlope.  Juliana strikes a deal with the Duke of Leighton that gives her two weeks to show him why passion is important and if it's enough.  She falls in love with him and she knows it'd be impossible to be with the Duke.  They can't fight the attraction for each other but will love be enough? Juliana later leaves London when the duke declares his engagement to Lady Penelope after proposing to her.  She stays by her other brother Nicholas St. John and his wife at their home to find...wait for it...the Duke! But not exactly for Juliana, since he came for his sister that was staying with St. John.  Then bonfire night happens, and the Duke can;t fight it any longer...except Juliana does. 

About Book #1

Callie has always been plain.  And at 28 she is sick of being the same.  Her younger sister Mariana is engaged to a Duke and she is still unmarried.  All those years of following directions and getting no good out of it, she makes a list of 9 things she'd do as an adventure to discover her true self.  Firing a pistol, being kissed, fencing, as well as drinking scotch.  She ends up finding herself in front of the Ralston house.  Ralston did not expect to find Lady Calpurnia in his bedchamber.  And he certainly did not expect her to asked to be kissed.  In exchange for the kiss, Callie has to help his sister find her way into society and Callie has to help teach her the do's and don'ts in this particular area.  Callie starts to complete the rest of her list to find Ralston at almost each one of them by chance.  He helps her and an attraction between the two of them grows.  Callie loves Ralston.  She's loved him for a decade but she won't marry  Ralston in case he ends up regretting it.  She feels he offered to marry her as an obligation and duty for his actions and she declines.  Ralston doesn't know why but he wants to marry Callie.  He did offer the first time as obligation but he wants Callie.  He knows he has to convince Callie that he wants her and wants to marry her.  But he doesn't expect this new emotion he feels for her and knows what he has to do.

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