Friday, August 24, 2012

Love At Stake 3 + 4

YAY! I finished the third and fourth books of the Love at Stake series.  Who knew a five hundred year old vampire wearing a kilt could be so damned sexy??  And a famous vampire fashion designer falls in love with an ordinary mortal? I loved both the books for a few different reasons but they're both equally awesome.  I don't really feel like writing alot right now because I reallllly want to get back to the fifth book of the series.  So this is going to be kinda short.

Be Still My Vampire Heart is about Angus (you know the one whose in charge of the vampire security and all that?) and a mortal vampire slayer.  And how does their relationship grow? Emma, a member of the Stake-Out team is hunting vampires in Central Park and Angus and a few others go there to stop her.  Of course they have to convince her that they're the good guys and that not all vampires are evil but it takes time with Emma.  Angus makes it his job to convince her that they're good.  And god what a job he did. Like I said before, who knew a guy wearing a kilt could be so damned sexy? I wouldn't have been able to resist him.   I loved the love scenes on here.  They seriously made me squeal.  LOL I know right?  But those scenes were so good that I want to read it again.  AGH so much love!! But don't worry, you'll love it too!  Favorite scenes:  Bathroom scene when Emma was supposed to take a bath and relax and Angus invaded her mind.  *melted* sigh.  Also the part where Sean and his team were supposed to go inside Roman's home and surprise, Angus grabs Emma and takes her away.  What happened after that was just aahh soo good.  I loved it.

AGH I had said it was going to be short but I got carried away.  Now about The Undead Next Door.
This is about the famous french fashion designer that happens to be a vampire, Jean- Luc.   He was supposed to go into hiding in Texas since the mortal world is wondering why he never ages.  In Texas, he was supposed to have one show then supposedly leaves for Paris but actually go into hiding.  When his long time enemy approaches him when Jean-Luc happens to be talking with a mortal,  his enemy mistakes her for his lover.  Well of course they did end up becoming lovers later but Jean-Luc promised that he would protect Heather and her daughter.  When he realizes he wants to spend the rest of forever with Heather and her child, Jean-Luc decides he must defeat his enemy once and for all.  But Heather has yet to find out he's not exactly human.  When she finds out, will she except him for who he is or will she leave him and never look back?  This book was sooo sweet and I just loved it.  The thing I like about these books is that in one book you see them one way and then in another book you see them in an entirely different view.  For example, in the first book of the series How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire, I saw Angus as mean and not really caring.  In the third book I just wanted to sink my teeth in him.  Wow right?  Same for Jean- Luc.  So sweet and charming and god so sexy.  Aah! Kerrelyn Sparks sure knows how to make us fall in love with her men.
 And now my friends I have to get back to All I want for Christmas is a Vampire (Love at Stake 5).  If you haven't already read or gotten these books,I hope you get them soon.  You'll be missing out!

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