Thursday, August 9, 2012

Black Dagger Brotherhood

  Okay sorry I've been out for the past couple of days!! Busy!! Anyway I just bought the 6th book of the Black Dagger Brother Brotherhood.  Hmmm... what's the series about? Vampires!!!!!  And of course there's romance! YAY!! This series is not quite like other vampire books.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood are like the main group of vampires that help and protect their race . Each one of them have a whole set of problems with "females" and other dangers, secrets, and fear. You know how in other books the vampires' enemies are sometimes were wolfs? Well not in this series!! Here the enemies are souless Lessers who look like humans but have pale skin and pale or blue eyes.  The Lesseres have been capturing vampires and killing them in the last few books.  I was addicted to reading when I read the other five books and of course I couldn't put them down.  Exotic and dangerously addictive is what I'd call this series. So have I convinced you to buy the books yet? Well then go and get it!! Good luck trying to put the book down :)

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