Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Because of Low/ The Vincent Boys



    I just finished reading The Vincent Boys and Becuase of Low (Sea Breeze 2) by Abbi Glines.  I loved them!  They were both sweet, romantic, and I just got lost in them both.  In both books, the main characters had some problems and were drawn to each other from the very beginning.  Definitely books I would read over again.

Because of Low (Sea Breeze 2)
   Marcus has come back to his hometown because of some family problems and is currently living with his roommate Cage. What he didn't expect was to meet Low, a confident, unique, strong willed, and sometimes shy girl that Cage was obsessed over.  They were drawn to each other from when they first met, but sometimes family problems get in the way of a relationship.

The Vincent Boys
   Ash was the perfect girl.  She had the perfect boyfriend and perfect family.  Or so everyone thought.  With Ash's boyfriend away Beau, her boyfriend's cousin who was once her best friend, came back in her life.  He was the only one who could see through her fake self and they started spending more time together and might I say, more time than they should.  With Beau being the town's bad boy and Ash being the preacher's daughter they knew it couldn't work out.  But they couldn't stay away.

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