Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obsidian--What you will not regret reading

 DAEMON!!! DAEMON!!! DAEMON!!!  OMG I loveddddd this book! This is a book you will go crazzzzzzzy over.  I swear this is like, one of the BEST books I have ever read.  Wait... I did read the first two available chapter of Onyx the next book of the series so...that means Onyx will be one of the BEST books I have ever read.  It really left me wanting more.  Since Daemon here didn't want Katy that much or so Katy thought, but in the next book he's going to be crazy over her...OMG I want to read it! Like NOW!!

  Daemon is hott and has these eerie green eyes.  But then he opens his mouth.  That is when you can call him a jerk.  Okay so with the paragraph above you didn't expect me to say that he's a jerk did you? But he is.  And believe it or not you'll fall in love with him anyway.  Every time Daemon opens his mouth to talk it's either an insult or his regular arrogant, jerk comments.  Katy wants him. Heck, I want him.  But he doesn't want a human to endanger his family. Oh did i mention that Daemon is an alien? Yup, he's an alien from another planet or galaxy or whatever.  And him being a jerk to Katy? That has to do with all the Arum around wanting to kill him and his family and also Katy.  His weird moods keep Katy confused and constantly irritated with him.  I was too. But when he's being all hot, and sweet, and okay manipulative, you decide that you want him.

“You aren’t like us. You are nothing like us. Dee deserves better than you, people that are like her. So leave me alone. Leave my family alone.”

That was Daemon trying to protect his family.  But guess what happens next that changes everything? Hm.. well I'll let you find out for yourself.   Jennifer Armentrout THANK YOU for making my life complete!
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