Sunday, July 29, 2012

Half Blood- Jennifer Armentrout

 Another wonderful book by Jennifer Armentrout.  What can I say? I enjoyed the book and it was beautifully written.  I also read the extras from Aiden's point of view on Jennifer's website.  The link is posted in my last post on Obsidian.  I'll have it on the end of this post too.                                                 
  Now let's see.  Alex is seventeen years old and was a member of the covenant before her mom took her away from it all three years ago.  The covenant is where all the pure- blood and half- blood's train to kill Daimons or become guards or whatever.  Alex is a half blood and her mom is a pure-blood.  Her dad was human.  Alex doesn't know why her mom packed all their stuff and left the safety of the covenant three years ago.  Now she has to live with mortals and try to act like them too.  Every time something goes wrong they pack their bags and move somewhere else.  But when something terrible happens to Alex's mom and Alex is forced to go find the covenant all goes to hell.  Daimons are chasing Alex and she only has a garden spade to defend herself.  All of a sudden the boy that Alex always noticed in the Covenant is there along with two of his friends to help her and bring her back to safety.  Aiden volunteers to train Alex on what she missed out on and their relationship grows.  But the thing is, pure-blood and half-blood relationships are forbidden.  The punishment is nothing really for the pure-blood but a life of servitude for the half-blood.  And then Alex finds out something about her mother that she cannot sit still about.  What happens now? 

   Make sure to also read Daimon the book before this one. Otherwise you'll start reading and be like, "Okay so this guy just steps in out of nowhere and why was this girl on the streets?" Enjoy!
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