Saturday, August 4, 2012

Almost by Anne Eliot

 Awwww! I read and loved this book! I felt so overwhelmed in some parts and just loved every minute of it!  I love how the author portrayed the main characters.  I felt what they felt and it was like as if it was real and I was there.  This story was also sad in a way.  One of the main characters thought she was a mental case and it's not true.  How she felt about herself was upsetting but that's what makes a good story worth reading.  I liked it and I'm happy I got a chance to read it.  Very...smashing? Hmmm... how should I put it? I can't seem to find a perfect word for it but worth every minute of my time.

  Jess Jordan was almost raped at a party she had snuck out to freshman year.  She can't remember exactly what happened but has all these terrible nightmares as a reminder.  Now she is going to start her senior year and she has to convince her parents that she's "normal" enough to go to college and do things on her own.  She gets a internship job and strikes a deal with Gray Porter to be her "fake boyfriend".  He gets paid and she gets what she wants. 
  Gray Porter wants to protect and help Jess.  He agrees to the deal but he feels guilty. Not only about the deal, but for other reasons.  His reasons have to do with Jess. What exactly happened at the party freshman year?  Why did Gray quit the hockey team and why can't he go anywhere near Jordan? Gray signs on to the deal for other reasons.  Reasons that might hurt Jess if she finds out.  Will Gray break his promise to Jess's parents and tell her the truth?   Read and find out! :) 

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