Friday, August 17, 2012

Touch by Jus Accardo

                Touch by Jus Accardo

Okay. Let me just say that this book was different than other books I've read.  In a good way of course.  This book was like a total adrenaline rush from the very beginning.  YAY! I loved how the romance was written in this book and the whole story was just beautiful.  Oh but don't think this story was just romance because this was wayyyy more.  From finding a runaway boy, to finding out your dad's a killer and everything he said has been a lie, to running away while bad guys chase you.  The whole story just left me wanting more and I was almost jumping up and down the entire time.  Like I said before... ADRENALINE RUSH!

Dez (Deznee) was going home from a party one night racing to get there before her dad finds her missing when she finds a guy around her age acting strange.  He runs when he hears someone coming and hides behind the bushes.  A few guys show up wearing all black and have every inch of their skin covered.  Once they leave, Dez decides to take Kale home to help him and to piss off her dad.  But what she didn't expect was to find out was that her dad knew Kale and Kale knew her dad.  When Dez's dad pulls out a gun, Dez doesn't think.  She grabs for Kale and runs.  Turns out Kale was a prisoner at some corporation called Denazen.  And he knew her mom.  A mom that was supposed to be dead.  That's what Dez's dad had said.  So she's a captive too?  Yupp. Dez's dad put her in there.  Now Dez learns as much as she could about Denazen while on the run with Kale.  She also learns that she is immune to Kale's deadly touch.  She wants to find her mom and help her get out of their.  That takes them on a whole new mission that's dangerous and could get them killed. 

  I had no favorite parts in this book.  They were all good and equally exciting.  I read a little about the second book and I freaked.  I thought this book couldn't get any better and then I find out that in the second book, Dez ends up losing her power to touch Kale.  This is gonna be good!! Oh and don't forget to read Untouched book 1.5 of the series.  Enjoy!

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