Monday, August 13, 2012

How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire

"I have not come to harm you. His voice was low, almost hypnotic.
That was it. He lured his victims into a trance with his golden eyes and honeyed tone. Shanna shook her head. She could fight this. She would not give in.
He frowned. "You are being difficult."
"You better believe it." She fumbled in her purse and whipped out her .32 caliber Beretta Tomcat. "Surprise, sucker."
No shock or fear registered on his rugged face, only a slight hint of irritation. "Madam, the weapon is unnecessary." He took a step toward her. "Drop the gun, please."
"No!" She gave him her best and meanest glare. "I'll shoot. I'll kill you."
"Easier said than done." He took another step toward her. "I will not harm you. I need your help."
She gasped. "You… you're bleeding."
"Can you help me?"
Oh, god, he was gorgeous. Just her luck that the perfect man would waltz into her life two minutes before her death…"

  LOVED IT!  I mean right when I read that I knew it was going to be a good book.  I actually screamed. Yupp.  I know a good book when I read one.  This had me in from the beginning.  Seriously did you read that paragraph?? You know its going to be interesting and I got sucked in right away.  This book is the first book in the Love at stake series.  It's hilarious.  Like super, super, super funny.  Sarcastic comments always make me laugh and she's talking with a vampire? Awesome!

  Shanna is smart, strong, intelligent, and super funny.  She's a dentist and that's how the vampire, Roman, found her.  Shanna was under witness protection after seeing her friend and alot of other people murdered in a restaurant.  She testifies against the murders and now she's on the run.  Mafia guys are hard to escape don't you think? When Roman accidentally gets his fang pulled out, he has no  choice but to go to regular mortal dentist.  He was planning to compell her to get the job done and then forget anything ever happened.  When he shows up at her office he doesn't know why the compulsion won't work with her.  And the doctor is acting crazy saying she needs to get out before they come for her.  Roman had no idea what she meant.  The last thing she said before she fell was for Roman to save himself even though she didn't even know him.  When the guys break in and enter the office Roman is surprised to see their mafia and before he knows it, he's carrying Shanna out  the door and gets her to safety.  When Roman sees one of his vampire enemies with the mafia, Roman knows Shanna wouldn't stand a chance against a vampire and takes her to his home.  Their he lets everyone know that Shanna is a mortal and they all have to tone down their vampire thing.  Roman feels something for Shanna.  Something he hasn't felt in a long time.  A small relationship develops between them but later Shanna decides to leave the safety house and go on her own.  When she almost gets killed she ends up back a Roman's place but their was an annual ball gathering their.  And who are they for? Vampires.  Shanna doesn't know what to do.  Leave Roman's vampire place and his safety  or head back to running away from the Russian mafia whose hired assassin happens to be a vampire.

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