Thursday, August 9, 2012

Strangers- Barbare Elsborg

  To be honest I actually liked this book.  It was kind of sad in the beginning- I mean seriously two complete strangers meet while trying to commit suicide. What are the odds of that? They end up falling in love with each other -famous guy and a waitress, and each have their own problems. Believe me some will shock you and its like the two people with the worst problems end up falling in love with each other. Weird but I loved the story and how the author described the characters.  The ending was soo sweet that I was smiling to myself for about an hour after I finished the book.

  Kate Snow has enough problems in life that one more problem and she felt like it was too much.  She wanted to commit suicide and that probably what would have happened if she hadn't literally bumped in to Charlie Storm.  Charlie had had enough of things going the way they were and didn't care anymore until he met Kate.  He ruins everything he touches.  But he wants and needs Kate and he won't want to give her up for anything.  She understands him and helps him through things he wouldn't have gotten through on his own.  Problems in the real word threaten to split them apart and it's only safe when their alone.  They're both damaged but they have to stick together.  But with Charlie being famous somethings bound to happen right?


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